Hon. John M. True, III

Judge of the Alameda County Superior Court, Retired

Medical Malpractice

Area of Expertise: Medical Malpractice (PDF format)

  • A young mother had breast reconstruction surgery post-mastectomy and formed a massive blood clot shortly after discharge from an East Bay hospital which resulted in her sudden death. Her family’s survivor claims were tried to a jury over the course of three weeks during which the jury heard percipient witnesses as well as expert testimony and reviewed medical records. The verdict was for defendants.
  • A somewhat elderly woman was being treated at an East Bay hospital when she began to have labored breathing. Her family, which was present, contended that hospital staff engaged in malpractice when obvious symptoms of impending coronary arrest were not responded to in time. A jury found for the plaintiff survivors.
  • A woman who had sought minor facial treatment at an Oakland, California, clinic claimed medical malpractice after the treatment allegedly caused scarring on her face. The clinic’s insurer defended by asserting that in fact no damage had been done and that, if any bad effects did occur, they were the fault of the patient. A jury found for the defendant.